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A Wizard Works Catalog
Learning Materials for Schools and Home Schoolers

Social Studies - History
Moving On To the 21st Century;A Sequel to Alaska... "The Last of the Land and the First"
by Jan O'Meara
ISBN 978-1-890692-28-5 Text Bk.; ISBN 978-1-890692-30-8 Teacher; ISBN 978-1-890692-31-5 CD (both editions)
This book picks up where Alaska... "The Last of the Land and the First" leaves off. Part One includes an overview of Alaska history from 1989 to present. It features an examination of the growth of the Regional Corporations established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and a look at the progress made in improving the lives of a majority of Alaska Natives. Included are study questions and activities designed to enhance the student learning experience. Parts Two through Four will be coming in the future.
Secondary / High School
$7.95 Text Bk.
$7.95 Teacher
$12.95 CD containing both editions
Alaska Dictionary and Pronunciation Guide
by Jan O’Meara, Illustrated by Jamie Bollenbach
isbn: 0-9621543-6-9
Get the straight scoop on over 400 Alaska words, phrases, and place names. Learn what Alaskans mean when they say the things they do. Find out how some of Alaska’s colorful communities got their names. A fun and fascinating way to augment Alaska History studies.
Contains 2010 update insert.
Intermediate and above

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Alaska Studies Series - Unit II, Alaska History
by Jane Sutherland Niebergall
isbn: 1-878051-39-3 bk; isbn: 1-878051-62-2 CD
TEACHING REFERENCE — Comb-bound manual for whole-year study of Alaska history, from its earliest days to the present. Includes unit plans, lesson plans, questions to raise, writing activities, cooperative activities, and thinking skills.
Grades 4-6, can be adapted for use with higher grades

$22.95 bk
$17.95 CD
Primary Alaska
by Jane Niebergall
isbn: 1-878051-17-2 bk
This book is designed as an introduction to direction and an introduction to Alaska. Includes language skills, motor skill development, math, map skills and writing. Excellent for classroom use or home school study.
Preschool - grade 3

$7.95 bk
Living in Alaska
by Wilma Barr and Lucille Frey
isbn: 1-878051-43-1 Student; 1-878051-44-x Teacher Manual
General overview of Alaska for younger students. Good prequel to The Alaska Report. Includes activities, stories, vocabulary, regions, communities, wildlife and biographies.
Grades 2-5

$9.95 Student
$12.95 Teacher Manual
The Alaska Report
by Jane Niebergall, Revised by Jan O'Meara
Study of Alaska history, geography, cities, regions, Native people, farming, volcanoes and earthquakes. Text (revised 2000) is a 1-2 month overview but could be used for a longer study. Teacher Manual contains suggested lessons, activities, and answers to blanks in Student Workbook. Workbook and Teacher Manual are keyed to the Text.
Grades 4 and above

isbn: 1-878051-46-6 $8.95 Text
isbn: 1-878051-16-4 $15.95 Teacher Manual
isbn: 1-878051-28-8 $10.95 Student Workbook
isbn: 1-878051-59-8 CD $27.95 Entire set on CD-ROM
Alaska My State
by 6th Grade Students at Kalifornsky Beach Elementary School
isbn: 1-878051-11-3 bk A comprehensive collection of one-page readings about Alaska. Includes information about cities, peoples and industries of Alaska, and features a trivia game at the end. Good accompaniment to The Alaska Report.
Intermediate and above

Alaska, the Last of the Land and the First
by Rob Chambers
This resource offers comprehensive and in-depth study of Alaska’s history from prehistoric settlement to the present. Teacher Manual includes suggested activities and cross references, as well as answers to puzzles and quizzes in Student Workbook . Meets Alaska Studies requirement: Includes Alaska's Native people, Russian colonial period, American colonial period, Alaska as a Territory, and Statehood to present.
Intermediate to High School

isbn: 1-878051-07-5 $18.95 Text bk
isbn: 1-878051-07-5 $13.95 Text CD

isbn: 1-878051-05-9 $18.95 Teacher Manual bk
isbn: 1-878051-16-4 $13.95 Teacher Manual CD

isbn: 1-878051-25-3 $13.95 Student Workbook
isbn: 1-878051-25-3 $13.95 Student Workbook CD

isbn: 1-878051-63-3 $34.95 Entire set on CD
A World Apart; My Life Among the Eskimos of Alaska
by Wilford Corbin, Wizard Works
isbn: 1-890692-03-4
Learn what it was like living and working among the Northern Eskimos of Wales and Scammon Bay in the 1950s and ’60s, in the days before snow machines and video games. Numerous photographs. Biography.
Intermediate to adult

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