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Language Arts
Kids' Guide to Common Alaska Critters
by Jan O'Meara, Illustrated by Mike O'Meara
isbn: 0-9621543-3-4
Descriptions of more than 40 common Alaska animals, from bats to wolves. Arranged from smallest to largest. Includes small, medium and large land mammals, marine mammals, fish, and insects. Written and illustrated by two teachers and illustrated by beautiful watercolors, the book contains vocabulary builder and comprehension skills builder.
Primary through Intermediate

Alice, An Alaska Pioneer
by Sara Budinger Peterson, Illustrated by Dianne Widom
isbn: 0-9665282-0-4
This beautifully illustrated children’s chapter book tells the story of Alice, a six-year-old girl who came to Alaska with her parents in 1946 and homesteaded in Homer.
Aimed at ages 6-12 Limited quantities left.

Alice Meets Inupiat Eskimos
by Sara Budinger Peterson, Illustrated by Mary Bee Kaufman
isbn: 0-9665282-1-2
A beautifully illustrated sequel to Alice, an Alaska Pioneer. Alice and her family meet an Inupiat family and learn about courage, tolerance and love.
Aimed at ages 6-12 Teaching Guide available.

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Binky's Trophy
by Millie Spezialy, Six Suns Publishing
isbn: 0-9654200-1-9 hb; isbn: 0-9654200-1-9 pb
The untold story of how Binky, orphaned near the Beaufort Sea, becomes a famous and much loved polar bear.
Ages 7 to 11 Lesson plans available.

$14.95 Hardback
$9.95 Paperback
Gold Rush Poodle
by Millie Spezialy, Six Suns Publishing
isbn: 0-9654200-3-5 hb; isbn: 0-9654200-4-3 pb
Young readers will learn about Pierre, a French poodle, and his exciting adventures as he travels over the Chilkoot Trail during the Gold Rush of 1898.
Lesson plans available.

$14.95 Hardback
$9.95 Paperback
Legend of Sleeping Lady
Written and Illustrated by Mildred Jacobsson
isbn: n/a
Beautiful legend based on Alaska Native tradition, hand lettered and illustrated. Originally created for the Anchorage Adult Literacy Project.
All levels


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